The final swan song for MCE

The final swan song for MCE (as was but now GR123 in administration).

Ever since the announcement was made that MCE insurance was going into administration, I have been working with several clients to sort out the fallout. Within the last few days, I closed my last file. If anyone out there is still having issues, do give me a shout.

This was interesting to me as a lawyer, and you might be interested as well.

SM (a MAG member) came to me as he had received notice from the Court that a person whose bike had been knocked over by his bike had made a claim and he now had a Court Judgment against him of nearly £20,000.00. Understandably time to panic. To be fair, he acted right away, firstly by applying to the Court to set the Judgment aside and secondly, by contacting Sorrymate.
What had happened is that MCE told the solicitors who were pursuing payment of the £20,000.00 to send all the Court papers to them and they would deal. The Court papers were sent and not dealt with and so Judgment was entered. The first SM knew about anything since he reported the matter months before, was the Judgment.

The key was to get the solicitors who act for the administrators to take over the application and to get MCE (as was) on record as the Defendant and SM taken off. This would seem simple, but it took at least 20 phone calls and quite a few emails to persuade the solicitors to get on board and deal. Perseverance was the key. That and a few cups of tea whilst sitting on hold. The secretary at the solicitors for MCE got to the point of actually recognising my voice when I called. I have to say that she was lovely every time.

The day for the hearing of the application arrived and the Judgment was set aside, MCE (as was) became the Defendant so all is well that ends well.

As SM put it “Just wanted to say again a big Thank You for all your help with the Court Hearing. We wouldn’t have had a clue on how to resolve this matter without your assistance.
Are you sure we can’t pay you for your time?
Is there a good address we can send a token of our appreciation to?
Once again, Many thanks. “

I thought a donation to Air Ambulance would hit the spot.
So, it would seem, the saga of MCE is concluding. Legally quite interesting and nice to give something back. Because of my opinion of MCE I did all the work for free. Sometimes it’s just about doing the right thing.