Motorist Jumps Lights and Sorrymate Fights Third Party Insurers to Prove Liability

This was one of those cases where the downright unfairness of the accident served to be the spur we needed to push and win this case.

Our client was on his bike on a ride out with his mate. They had filtered to the front of a queue and were stopped at traffic lights with their feet down waiting for the lights to change.

Once the lights changed our client slowly moved forward to be hit at speed from the right by a BMW that had jumped a red light and hit our client side on, taking him clean off his bike.

Very fortunately our client escaped from serious injury, but then began a case to prove it wasn’t his fault.

You’re probably thinking have I read that right? It’s not immediately the fault of the driver jumping the light? But that was exactly the situation we found ourselves in.

We registered the claim when it came through to us as we would normally do and after some investigation the insurers of the third party vehicle came back to say that they considered the accident was not their client’s fault. Clearly, someone hadn’t been entirely truthful with their version of events, and it was put to us to prove the third party fault.

Luckily, as our client had been at the front of traffic at a set of lights, there were cars both behind him, and also coming in the other direction, who had an excellent view of both the accident and its timing.

At the scene of the accident many of these cars stopped and offered first aid assistance to our client, but also their details incase witnesses were needed..and how invaluable this was.

These witness statements were sent through to the third party insurers and proved that not only was their client not being truthful about the incident, but that he was also at fault for the accident.


We won this case, and our client is now back on his bike and recovering well from his injuries.

It serves a useful warning however,  that left to using his own insurers, our client may well have ended up with no settlement at all and also had on his insurance records that his was an at fault accident.

Always seek an alternative to going through your own insurer. You are entitled to do so and will end up with a much better outcome.

Always get witness details and take as many photographs as you can at the scene. Remember that not everyone is as honest as you!

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