Motorcyclist badly injured in accident

Case summary

We recently settled a claim on behalf of a motorcyclist badly injured in an accident.

She was riding along a country lane without a care in the world. She was passing the entrance to a private school when a car driver (in the middle of an argument with his passenger) pulled out of the driveway straight into her.

She broke both wrists, and had other minor injuries. Breaking both wrists has a serious impact on the ability to do anything, and she was reliant on friends and family for a while.  She was unable to work, and as a self employed photographer who had just begun to pick up work post-pandemic, this was a real blow.

Added to all that stress, the driver of the car refused initially to accept that the accident was his fault! We refused to take “no” for an answer, though, and eventually managed to get a full settlement for the injuries, loss of earnings and other expenses.

Most importantly, the client is back on a ‘bike and enjoying her riding again.

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