Going the extra mile or 70!

Fergus, one of our senior solicitors and bikers (40+ years on the road) has won 1000s of cases for fellow bikers.

We received an enquiry from a client who suffered a broken leg following an accident. They explained that on viewing the CCTV and ignoring his own version of events, their insurance company said they were at fault. Having listened to the client and seeking any excuse to get out for a ride, Fergus put on his leathers and took a 2-hour round trip to the scene and checked the sequence of the traffic lights where the incident occurred. Having taken in all the relevant facts Fergus took the opinion that our client was in the right, so we took the claim on (‘no win, no fee’) even though the other party’s insurers also held them to blame too. Following a very detailed letter to outline the true accident circumstances, an admission from the other side’s insurers followed and our client is now looking at a five-figure settlement.

The extra mile (or in this case 70 miles) made the difference and is an example of why we succeed where others fail.

This is another reason over 25% of our new clients transfer their claims from their insurance solicitors to move to us. Not many people are aware that if you are unhappy with the solicitors dealing with your claim you can transfer to another solicitor at any point while your claim is ongoing. All you need to do is notify the solicitors you want to transfer to fill out a simple form then they will handle the rest.

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