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Austin Racing Exhaust Discount Code-SORRY10MATE2022

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Are you looking for a new exhaust for your motorcycle? Why not try an Austin Racing Exhaust? Get 10% off your system today with SorryMate’s SMIDSY membership.

  • Who are Austin Racing Exhaust?

    Austin Racing design and manufacture systems design high-performance motorcycle exhausts. Their products are designed and manufactured 100% in the UK using the latest Formula 1 materials. Their key slogan is Innovation by design.
  • What makes Austin Racing exhausts so popular?

    Austin Racing exhausts are made from Inconel. This makes them superior to titanium and Stainless for exhaust manufacturing. This means that, unlike Titanium, Inconel will not burn through. The metal is extremely strong. The advantages of this are that it can be as thin as 0.37mm. In addition to this, the design of Austin Racing Exhausts means that they can disperse hot gasses far quicker. By holding high temperatures, this helps keep the ambient temperature low allowing it to cool down quicker. In a like for like full system test of the Evo Titanium full Akrapovic against Austin Racing’s full Inconel system on the same bike on the same dyno with pcV our system gave 5BHP more power. Austin Racing also uses a 0.5mm wall thickness for even further weight reduction. Austin Racing are the 1st company worldwide to offer F1 technology Inconel exhaust systems to bike race teams and retail customers. Their exhausts are hand-built using the latest materials and technology.