Motorcyclists, filtering and U-turns

About the case

Filtering through traffic is one of the many advantages of riding a motorbike. However, as one of our clients, Tom* discovered, often drivers can stop you, even at the best of times.

Facts of the case

  • Tom was riding his custom-built cruiser, and filtering slowly past a slow line of traffic
  • As he drew alongside a Land Rover, the driver performed a U-turn directly into the side of him

Tom sustained multiple injuries such as a broken foot, broken collar bone and a broken finger. Although our client struggled to remember the accident, fortunately, there were plenty of witnesses to help establish who was at fault.

Filtering and the Law

Filtering is a legal practice in the UK. In fact, the Highway Code specifically warns other road users:-

Once moving you should:

  • be aware of other road users, especially cycles and motorcycles who may be filtering through the traffic. These are more difficult to see than larger vehicles and their riders are particularly vulnerable.

Despite this, filtering accidents continue to one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. In the case of Davis v Schrogin (2006), it was held that the car driver was 100% liable where they pulled into the path of a filtering motorcyclist.

With the assistance of SorryMate, Tom’s claim settled for approximately £16,000.*

Tom was able to make a reasonably quick recovery thanks to the support of his family; and with his own mechanical skills, his ‘bike was soon up and running again.



*Please note that client names are changed to protect the identity of clients

**Please note that claim amounts are rounded down to protect the identity of clients