A Roundabout Nightmare

In October 2017, Paul and Julie, rider and pillion, were returning home from a day at Brands Hatch watching the bikes. 

They were proceeding on the roundabout and heading towards the exit ramp for the M25 at junction 3.

A third-party car was to the left of Mr Saunders’ bike and failed to take the exit, cutting across his path and into a collision.  The third-party disputed their liability.

However, SorryMate had a good witness who supported Mr Saunders’ version of events.  The police report also put the third party in the wrong lane, but the Police did not prosecute.  After the disclosure of a witness statement and a police report, liability was finally conceded by the third-party in March 2018.

Mr Saunders sustained broken ribs, shoulder, arm and wrist injury. He had also damaged kit, travel expenses, and lost holidays. Thankfully, he was awarded damages of £9850.00 in September 2018. The pre-accident value of their Triumph Street Triple was also valued at £3533.20.

Unfortunately, Julie Saunders, the pillion, was more seriously injured.  She sustained left leg fracture – comminuted tibia and fibula.  An operation was required to fix the fracture with intramedullary nailing, and there was delayed healing.

Julie also lost a lot of movement in her leg affecting her knee and ankle.  There is scarring present from the wound and operation.

She is a self-employed personal trainer, so her employment was greatly affected.  There has been a long recovery but, as she is a personal trainer, she put a lot of effort into her recovery.

Julie has made a remarkable recovery and regained movement and strength (although not as much as prior to the accident).  Julie went back to work after 14 months and started to build up her clients again.  Amazingly, a full recovery anticipated by medical expert.

For her compensation, there was a significant injury and loss of earnings claim.  She had damaged kit, medical, travel expenses and a care and assistance claim.  In October 2020, damages were agreed at £55,000.00.

Paul and Julie Saunders thanked SorryMate for helping them with their claim, and in particular Stephanie Phillips and Fergus Dalgarno who looked after their case. They said:

Many thanks, I have now received the settlement payment with respect to my claim.

Paul and I have been very satisfied with the service you and Fergus have provided and whilst we hope not to have to use your services again would have no hesitation in doing so.

Our case was dealt with care, understanding and attention to detail with a professional but personal service and we recommended you highly within our fellow biking community.

How can SorryMate help you?

If you have been knocked off your bike, it can often feel like there is no one to turn to, to help you get back on. SorryMate are there for bikers who need legal advice when they have been knocked off their bike by a car, injured themselves due to potholes or poor road surfaces, or when they have been involved in an accident with other road users or pedestrians.

We are bikers, just like you, and understand the distress an accident can have. We want to make our roads safer, and we go after those who don’t.

SorryMate deal exclusively with motorbike accident compensation claims. We are made up of a team of specialist personal injury motorcycling lawyers, registered with the SRA, that can help you recover your deserved compensation.

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