A Fast Turnaround After Evidence is Uncovered

This particular case study shows how important photographs of any motorcycle accident can be, and highlights how having a biker on your side can be hugely beneficial.

On 23rd February, a disgruntled client, Mr A, left his existing solicitor and contacted SorryMate. Fergus Dalgarno picked up the motorbike accident file. An offer had already been made to Mr A at 50/50 on liability, and valuations had been put forward.

Mr A was riding down a country road when the third party, driving in the opposite direction, travelled onto his side of the road and hit him. The previous solicitors and third party insurers said it was 50/50 as it was one person’s word against the other.

Mr A’s previous solicitors did not seem to understand the significance of photographs he had sent of the scene which showed scratches on the road. Fergus and SorryMate were prepared to fight it on the basis of the photographs and the other side caved in as soon as that became clear.

We obtained instructions from Mr A on 2nd March, agreed the valuations, and proceeded for 100% liability. After months of the other side standing by 50/50 liability, on 8th March the insurers for the at-fault driver admitted liability in full. This took a total of six days for Fergus to settle the case in full.

This case shows how important it is to have bikers on your side when you have an accident, as the other solicitors completely missed the photos of the scratches. It also highlights how keeping evidence of the scene of the crash can be vitally important.

How can SorryMate help you?
If you have been knocked off your bike, it can often feel like there is no one to turn to, to help you get back on. SorryMate are there for bikers who need legal advice when they have been knocked off their bike by a car, injured themselves due to potholes or poor road surfaces, or when they have been involved in an accident with other road users or pedestrians.

We are bikers, just like you, and understand the distress an accident can have. We want to make our roads safer, and we go after those who don’t.

SorryMate deal exclusively with motorbike accident compensation claims. We are made up of a team of specialist personal injury motorcycling lawyers, registered with the SRA, that can help you recover your deserved compensation.

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